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About 85°C

It all started with a question, "What does a cafe stand for? Is it only a place for eating?" The impromptu answer was no, it's a place where one doesn't necessarily go to only eat, a cafe is a place where one goes to meet their friend, have a conversation, confess their love for another, to laugh, to cry, to get the ideas which could change the world, to create a stir and start a new revolution, to hatch the genius inside. And, irrespective of where on the planet a cafe is the emotions attached with them is exactly the same. This then was followed up by the second question "What could be the one thing that connects all these varied emotions?" Voila, it's coffee. Therefore, when the subject and the object of every cafe in the world is exactly the same, then the name should connote it in the most optimal manner, hence, 85°C.

85°C is the right temperature for pouring in a piping hot cup of coffee and that's remains a constant irrespective of the geographical location of where the coffee is brewed and served. Drawing inspiration from this fact we let loose the innate human nature and bring to you a cafe where 85°C is not restricted to being only the temperature of your coffee but so much more.

With us,

85°C is the right temperature for conversation to begin

85°C is the right temperature for waking up to a new beginning

85°C is the right temperature for love to bloom

85°C is the right temperature for the voices be heard

85°C is the right temperature for the genius to be born

The one of its kind open to air cafe welcomes you to come and taste the right temperature at 85°C


A graduation in hotel management and hospitality administration from IHM Ahmedabad and before that the exposure to varied and interesting cultures from across the globe has shaped me and my taste buds. As a result of which, I held the dream of opening a cafe where I bring to your table various types of comfort food while not giving up on the most important factor-health. Today, in an era of fast paced life and cumbersome lifestyle, health and healthy eating has taken a back seat, therefore I welcome you to 85°C, where a quick snack would not make you lethargic rather with the right proportion of good fats and essential vitamins and minerals would give you the boost you look for and all of this without compromising on the taste, which will draw you back to us.

While eating right is our go to mantra at 85°C, we also wish to bring about a positive change and in the long run the right impact on our environment, therefore we are constantly keeping in sync with the availability of the newest resources of technology in order to minimise wastage and have as minimal an adverse effect on our environment as possible. We hope you too would help us bring about this change.

Thanks and Bon Appetite!